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Meet The Glamazon Lounge Staff​

 (for privacy purposes-some staff is not included below)

A Message from Tiana

As a plus size, and tall woman, I am a body-positive advocate, and believe that you should never let someone else's problem with YOUR body make you love yourself less!

I have been a full-figured gal since a very young age and I know what it is like to be judged on your size, to be treated poorly or looked down upon simply for existing. It took me many years, and life experiences to build my confidence, and love every part of me. I hope that if you aren't there yet, that I can help you get there!​

Being passed the torch from Club Plush has been exciting, nerve-wrecking, joyous, and all the other emotions that come when a new chapter starts. But the mission is still the same- to provide a safe environment for people of size and their admirers, and I can't wait to party with all of you!



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